Office Space Design

Office Space Design

Creating a good office space design comes down to understanding goals of an organization, how people work today and how the organization wants to support or change how their people work. An office design will have either a negative or positive impact on an organization. Understanding the impact of design choices on an organization and its employees is fundamental to creating a high-performance workplace. Below we briefly discuss the impacts of design choices and how we can help provide you with good office space designs.

Office Furniture Space Design



Impact on People & Results

You can have workspaces that both the boss and employees love

The design of your office space will have an impact on people and on business results.  The sustainability of an organization is directly tied to its ability to get the greatest productivity out of its most expensive assets – people and real estate.  By choosing e3 Office Furniture you are making the choice to purchase your office furniture from a company that can help you design workplaces that employees love, and that the boss is glad to pay for.

Manage your workplace as a strategic asset and positively impact your business.  We can help you manage your workplace as a strategic asset on the same plane as people, business processes, and technology.  We will share with you the planning principles that can enable you to create a workplace that becomes a critical management tool, supporting the corporate strategies that have a direct impact on your business.

Increase Profits

Increase employee happiness to increase profits

  • We will help you increase your company’s profits by designing better offices spaces that get employees engaged.  A satisfied employee is a good employee, but an engaged employee is a GREAT employee.  Employee turnover is less likely when an employee is engaged.
  • We will help you increase employee engagement by changing their physical space.  Physical space impacts the physical connections of people within the workplace.   Employees’ level of happiness in their job is directly connected to the amount of control they have over their work environment and the social environment that has been created in the workplace.   
  • We will help you increase support of corporate goals by getting workers engaged. Workspace design has direct effect on employee engagement.  Employee engagement is needed to support corporate strategy and goals.  We can help you create a high-performance workplace that engages employees, builds alignment with corporate goals, and improves the sustainability of your organization.
Modern Office Space Design

Inspiring Workspaces

Offer inspiring workspaces to help people love where they work

Inspiring workspaces help attract and retain employees. We can help you explore the workspace solutions that may be appropriate for your organization. We will help you ensure that your workspace allows people to concentrate, collaborate, contemplate, and converse. We will evaluate the types of work being performed by people in your organization and discuss with you how the workspace can better support what they do and how they do it.

Modern Office Space Design

Dynamic Workspaces

Support how people office work and balance privacy

We will help you create flexible, dynamic workspaces that support how people work.  We will work with you to create office spaces that help your people be more productive without increasing your organization’s real estate costs. We will help you provide every worker with the privacy level needed to get their job done as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We will work with you to address generational issues in your workplace.  Balancing privacy is complicated not only because of individual differences and preferences, but also because of generational differences. For most baby boomers, four walls and a door are what they have worked for all these years. While this group values workplaces that are more warm and friendly, they are by far the most conservative in terms of how a workplace should be designed. This generation places importance on workspace size, placement, & design relative to others in the organization. Gen X’ers are the generation that wanted workplaces to be positive, fun, efficient and flexible with easy access to leadership and information. They represent the smallest generation in the workplace and they are a bridge between the other two dominant groups.  Most millennials & Generation “Y” employees have only ever known an open concept workspace.  For this generation, having a collaborative and flexible workspace is important.  While many people put the millennials and Gen Z’ers in the same category, the latter are known to be more demanding in nature and they will expect a work environment that is supportive and that has all technology tools readily available to support working any where any time.  We can help you provide a workplace design that supports the generations that dominate your work environment.

We can help you find the right privacy balance for your workplace.  Too much privacy can result in isolation and feelings of being disconnected.  It can hinder interaction, relationship building, and the development and sharing of new ideas.  We will work with you to analyze how your people work, where your people work, and how your space is supporting their work.

Increase Collaboration

We can show you how to increase “we” spaces without increasing your real estate costs.

Technology continually increases our freedom to work whenever and wherever we want.  This freedom has resulted in the need for more face-to-face collaboration among employees, but most office environments are designed based on maximizing the provision of individual space or “I” space.  Employees are demanding more and more collaboration or “we” spaces.  By designing around processes and people, we can create workspaces to encourage interaction and to allow workers to share content, information, and knowledge.

Modern Meeting and Collaboration Office Furniture

Computer Aided Interior Design

Shorten your overall project lead time

With many CAD experts on staff, you won’t be waiting on us to get back to you with drawings.  We can often make the changes while we are consulting with you on the phone or in person.  This means that we will be able to complete the design process quicker and shorten the time it takes to specify, order, deliver and install your office furniture requirements.

Improve the overall satisfaction of all stakeholders with the final workspace solution

We can provide you with photo realistic and 3D drawings to preview what your office will look like before you place your order.  This will allow you to engage all stakeholders in the design process and increase their satisfaction with the final workspace solution by getting their feedback on the proposed design.  Your risk in buying office furniture that no one likes or that doesn’t fit within your space is significantly reduced when using photo realistic drawings to make decisions.

Decrease deficiencies and delays to your project

Human error and possible misinterpretations are significantly reduced with our design software.  Parts lists and finishes are automatically updated and created as the drawings for your space are created.  By significantly decreasing the likelihood of mistakes caused by input errors, you significantly decrease the risk of frustrating employees with delays to completing your project.

Office Space Design

Office Interior Design

See your office design before it is built

With the use of our design software, we can show you and your team a visual rendering of your future space before it is built, renovated or new furniture is purchased.

We can also help other design professionals bring to life the solutions and vision that they have proposed for you. In addition to basic 2D and 3D drawings, our CAD technicians can provide you with photo realistic illustrations of proposed workstations and office space layouts.  We can help you shorten the overall project lead time and improve the overall satisfaction of all stakeholders with the final workplace solution.  Once our preliminary plans have been approved, we can assist with engaging the services of a registered interior designer or architect to complete the final design of your space should any renovations be required. 

We can also give you tours of office spaces that we have completed so that you can view our work and projects done in conjunction with other office space designers.  This allows you to determine the design style that best meets your objectives.

Office Space Design

Office Interior Decorating

Whether it is new chairs for your front lobby, the selection of some furnishings for a private office, or a complete office makeover, let a professional pick the colors that best complement your office space or achieve your design objectives.  Make your investment in new furnishings contribute positively to your office space.  We can recommend an interior decorator or designer who will be a good match to your design requirements or we can provide this service directly to you. 

Office Interior Decorating
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